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We Play Solid Gold Oldies, Pop, Dance all the best Music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s Mixed in with some great live show’s from DJ’s from around the globe.
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Darrell 'Goldfinger' James

In the glitzy decade of the 1970s, Darrell Paul James began his career in show business 48 years ago as a dancer.
Darrell swiftly transitioned into the more lucrative sector of exotic dancing, or what you and I would refer to as male stripping, after the debut of the (LADIES NIGHTS).
Amazingly, this led to his touring the world to perform for screaming girls.
Darrell first met the artist, famed Australian hypnotist Martin St James, when he visited his friends’ world-famous Batley Varity Club in late 1977 while back in his native Yorkshire.
Darrell received his first impromptu hypnosis instruction from Martin St. James after the performance and was instantly captivated.
By 1997, Darrell had made a living as a comedy stage hypnotist, and he spent the majority of the year performing with volunteers in England, Malta, and Spain.
He used a special blend of humour and original routines.
Darrel had to leave the showbiz after a nearly catastrophic motorcycle accident.
A few years later, the GOLDFINGER number 1 show was created when there was an opportunity to once again interact with listeners on live radio.
Because he replaced the finger he lost in the accident with a single-piece gold finger, he earned the nickname “Goldfinger.”




David 'Dave D' Durham

I started as a DJ, aged 16 in 1977, playing various venues – early Disco.

And yes played all the pubs and weddings, oh and yes the late night parties.

By the early 1980’s I was also playing early Go-Go, New York Post-Disco, and charts in top clubs.

By the 1980’s I began playing early House, Garage and pop as well as Soul, Funk and disco sounds, I am a all round dj and can pull of any event.

I lived in Norway and did a dj tour from north to south over some years, worked together with idea and some great DJs, with several long residencies across the world and many guest DJ spots.

Always loved the feeling of a white label at my door or that new hit from my local store.

They gave me the name Dave [Double Decks] but later changed to Dave D.

DJing from England to all over the world live was good and fast, some of the great nights were played with my fellow international DJs. Playing to crowds of 100 to 22,000.

Working along side Micky Bee, mix Master Marvin, and many many more…

Also meeting some great artist along the way such as Grandmaster Flash, Joe cocker, Tom Jones, Take That, Sonic, Ice T, The jam, Steve Wright, Diana Ross and many more…

So many DJs and acts I’ve worked with many over the years, always loved the live feeling.

I am celebrating over 40 years as a DJ on the club scene and in TV, radio I continue to travel.

Enjoy the shows!