During one of their regular long long long conversations that mainly consists of each of them ripping the s**t out of one another at every opportunity that presents itself.

Peppered throughout the Micky taking are the odd serious topics such as Goldfinger Radio, Music, and personal experiences in their Dee Jaying careers. 

Dave D explains how his happiest Time was spent as a young guy in the studio mixing music to create unique tracks from the day’s popular tracks and then getting to perform his creation mixing it again to live audiences across Europe throughout the 80s generating the adrenaline rush of a live performance while gauging the success of the track by the reaction of the audience. scary stuff yet he missed it.  

Goldfinger then explained that he (Goldfinger) felt he was a live performer on stage or even when presenting a radio show and that it was a struggle when recording a show because he was never happy with their recording and found himself re-recording ad infinitum. 

Further explaining he felt he had another gear when performing live that he didn’t possess while recording.

At the end of the conversation, Goldfinger suggested that Dave D should set up what he needed to mix tracks with two conditions 1 that he (Goldfinger)  could watch him perform the mixing via video call to make him (Dave D) nervous and 2 Dave D record it live for airing on Goldfinger Radio.

Dave D agreed with one condition of his own,  that he (Goldfinger) record an unedited show to air on Goldfinger Radio. Reluctantly Goldfinger agreed thereby the challenge unwittingly was created. 

Goldfinger has asked me to point out (make an excuse lol) That the show he recorded was,  in his mind, it was a rehearsal but after the first few tracks realise that re-recording it wouldn’t be in the spirit of the challenge so left it as it was. “yeah yeah”  Dave D commented lol  Click the links to the two shows on this blog.