1960s The Decade that Shook Britain

The Sixties were in Colors if the Fifties were in black and white. The “Swinging Sixties” continue to be remembered as Britain’s pivotal decade. London went from being a conservative, depressing city that had only recently started to move past the Second World War to becoming the global center, brimming with liberty, hope, and promise, in just ten short years. It was the hub of all the action and the city where anything was conceivable. But does anyone really understand how decades’ worth of change could occur in just ten years?

The first teenage generation in Britain to be exempt from conscription appeared in the 1960s. Finally, young people had a say and the freedom to act as they pleased. The parents of the teenagers of the 1960s wanted their own children to appreciate their youth and be able to have more fun and freedom because they had spent their youth fighting for their lives in the Second World War. Teenagers were notably different from those a decade earlier by the early 1960s.

Music was a major, distinguishing element of the 1960s. Despite the fact that rock and roll started to have an impact on Britain in the 1950s, it wasn’t until the early 1960s and the rise of ‘British Invasion’ bands like The Beatles that music started to undergo genuinely revolutionary changes. A great illustration of how music affected young Britons’ lives is The Beatles. Although they continued the rock and roll genre of the 1950s for the early part of the decade, by 1967 Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band became the turning point in music and inspired other musicians, such as The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones, to experiment with new sounds and develop innovative pieces of music.As can be seen in “Revolution,” one of their later albums, the words encouraged rebellion against the authorities. Young people started defending their opinions and unique identities.